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The setup for a very humid day of Angry Birds Live with water balloons.

Tips for anyone wishing to do this program - use good water balloons so you can have a ton of them already ready to go. I tried to be all Earth friendly and use the biodegradable ones. They sprung leaks within minutes, meaning we had to tediously crank out balloons one by one as 13 kids stood in line waiting for their turn. This was not ideal, especially in approximately 90% humidity. Also, I stuck the piggies to the wall and boxes with duct tape - I would use less next time. The goal was to get the piggies so wet they fell off the wall, and this was a slow process. So, make it a little easier next time.

Anyone else going to try this? If things had gone more smoothly this would have been an awesome program - I would do it again with better balloons, for sure.